Friday, 29 January 2010

Relaxing ... and the Giveaway result

It's been a while since I did any embroidery, but I was given a commission recently to make ten linen laundry bags with the word "Laundry" embroidered on them. Linen is sooooo lovely to work with, I really must do it more often! I find the whole process really relaxing. And each piece tucks away nicely in my project bag, so I can just whip it out and do a few more letters whenever I have ten minutes spare. I'm about halfway through the embroidery now, having sewn a prototype bag to begin with so I know what I'm doing! Once I am all done with the sewing up I will blog the final result.

I'm also loving the knitting I am getting to do for my new niece! Here's a cute little hat I ran up last night:
Difficult to get a sense of what it looks like, flat on a table, isn't it? So I looked around for a willing model:
I didn't find one.

I also decided to knit her a tomato hat. As she is a little dot, I first of all knit it on 3mm needles, but when I looked at it, decided this was "a hat that would fit a tomato" rather than "a hat that looks like a tomato". So, I re-knit it on 4.5mm needles instead. And wow, look at the difference in size!! I am hoping one of them at least fits, but fear one will be too big, and one too small!

And of course every baby needs cute shoes. These were plain Mary Jane shoes, but I knitted the bar in green and added a couple of leaves so they match the hat. Awwww. I'm not broody. Honestly.

And now, the bit you've all been waiting for ...

(In fact, admit it, you've all scrolled past the pictures to find out if you've won, haven't you??? Huh?)

The winner of the Giveaway is Renee G! Congratulations!! I will send you an email for your address and pop your prize in the post to you. Thank you all very much for entering!


  1. oooh those tomato things are adorable xox

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winner! I love the booties and adorable hats! Your embroidery is so perfect. I really struggle with letters and yours are so nice. I too find embroidery so relaxing.

  3. Just too cute :)

  4. I want to be a tomato too!

    Sadly at my age I think I might look a bit odd, will have to find some smaller victim to make one for :)

  5. Hey, I have just come across your blog and admired :) then remembered I never took those photos of the cupcakes you made me! So here they are, linked on my blog
    xxx (pecka)

  6. Oh thank you so much! I'm so glad you like them :o)

  7. I love the cat's hat! He looks really happy to be wearing it...not!


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