Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I am a bad, bad blogger

It's been so long since I last wrote a post that you have probably forgotten who I am. Sorry! I am still here though, and have been exceedingly busy making sock monkeys.

When I was making them, they each seemed to have their own distinct personality. I know, I know, it's a bit cliched, but honestly it's true! Of course each monkey has its own name too. If you would like one they are £12 each - either leave me a comment or drop me an email (first come first served!)

 This is Cora - she is a very bright and inquisitive monkey, though a little prone to nosiness. She is naturally very cheerful and will take a ticking off in good heart.

 This is Frank, who is the original cheeky monkey. He has mischevious stripes running right through him.

 Monty is quite the go-getter. He likes being a team leader and organising other toys in fun activities. He is very kind and a good listener.

 Emmeline is a bit of a worrier. She is very soft and fluffy and cuddles always cheer her up. She likes to be in company as it makes her feel loved.

 This is Charles. He is a big scruffbag at heart. If he wore a shirt then the tails would always be hanging out. However since he is a sock monkey he looks quite smart most of the time.

 This is Christabel. She is an energetic monkey who loves to investigate. Be warned; when you return she might not be where you left her. She likes to get around.

 Bertrand is a happy-go-lucky chap, quite happy to go along with the crowd. He is very well-behaved (although he does rather enjoy watching other people get up to mischief).

 And finally, here is Stanley. Stanley is loyal and loving. He asks for no more than that you occasionally share your secrets with him, about which he will be very discreet.

At the moment this gang are happily keeping each other company in my workroom, but they are looking forward to finding new homes!