Friday, 22 January 2010

Pipe cleaners and pompoms - the universal cure-all

Calum has been off nursery this week. It started with him losing his voice which totally freaked him out (and of course I didn't help when I said "oh, you've lost your voice!" because then he started frantically looking for it!) He then developed an ear infection and conjuncitivis, poor wee man!

Anyway, at an attempt to cheer him up as he was missing nursery, I got out some pompoms and pipe cleaners and bits and pieces from my box of tricks. Calum had a wonderful time making snakes and "prickle fish" as he called them. "This is so fun, mummy," he whispered, "I am so happy!" Awww!!!

And in other family news - I am an auntie again! This time to a gorgeous baby girl. I have knitted a wee car-seat blanket - just the right to tuck around her when she is out in the car. I decided to do very brightly knitted squares (photo above Calum - for some reason blogger decided to mess up my photo order!). However that left a LOT of ends to be sewn in - argh!

So I took the cheat's way out and backed it in fleece instead of sewing them in!

Should be lovely and cosy on cold days anyway :)

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  1. Fantastic blanket! I think it looks much better lined with the fleece than it would have done with the ends all sewn in.
    Hope Claum feels better soon... the prickle fish seem to be doing the trick.

  2. Great blanket! I wonder if entrelac would have left as many ends?

    Great looking kiddo too. I hope he feels better soon.

  3. Thank you! Hmm, I think entrelac would have been almost as bad, since it was the random placement of the squares that caused the most hassle (I didn't want it to look like there was a "pattern" as such). Plus I am woefully slow at entrelac and I was up against a deadline (which suddenly got much shorter as she was born early!!)

  4. I would have done the same as you with the blanket - I hate sewing in ends. It's very pretty.


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