Friday, 15 January 2010


Here we are at last, I have got my act together and organised a GIVEAWAY :)I decided to go with a theme of blue and made a few different things reflecting my various interests.
So I made a blue and white striped sock monkey, a crocheted washcloth, a blue bracelet with a cat on it, and a wee mobile of knitted hearts. I hope you like them all!
Here is a close-up of the bracelet:

Now then, giveaway rules: you can have up to three chances to win all these (oh, and I'll throw in the fabric that you see in the photo too!)
1. Leave a comment on this blog. You can tell me what you would call the monkey if you like! But that's optional.
2. Post a link to this giveaway on a post on your blog. I need more visitors! Once you have posted your link, come back and post another comment on here to let me know.
3. Put a permanent link on your blog to mine (eg if you have a blogroll, list of faves etc). Again, once you have done so, post another comment on here to tell me. So you may leave up to three comments on this post! If you already have a link on your blog to mine, then post a comment to tell me that.

Please make sure that all giveaway entry comments are put on THIS post, even if subsequent posts appear before the giveaway time is up. It just gets too confusing otherwise for my poor little brain ;)

Closing date for entry will be two weeks from now, ie Friday 29th January. Good luck everyone!


  1. the-monkey-is-soooooo-cute!!!


  2. Your stuff is gorgeous, apparently the monkey's name is Troy Van Leuween..................the moral of this story is don't ask a teenagers opinion, I think his name is George ;0)

  3. Oh I do love a giveaway! That sock monkey is fantastic and I would love to win him :O)

  4. Sophie (11yrs) thinks tha sock monkey should be called Mr BlueSky.
    They are fabulous and, speaking as someone who takes a week to sew on a button, I am intensly jealous of your talent! I would love to be that creative.
    Marion xxx

  5. That monkey is so adorable! I think his name is Bart.
    Love that sweet heart mobile too.


  6. I'm not sure what I would call the monkey, but he's adorable.
    Love the bracelet too.

  7. Monkey's name is Egbert! You see my spinning wheel is a Maisy, and I think he would look so cute by it! Right off to blog

  8. OK blogged about it

  9. Hiya Miaou, Linz (fws from Ravelry) here I would Call the Sock Monkey Clarrance . You can see the Link here Http:// .
    Have also added you to my links as well :)

  10. what a cutie, I think he should be called buster. thanks for the all the helpful comments on my blog, I couldn't find your email to thank you directly.

  11. Great idea, love these! You're already on me blogroll, and I've done a link post for you. Hope it helps many more find their way to enjoy your stuff too.

    Monkey is called 'Dirk' as in Bogarde. 'I don't know why,' she shrugs, 'it just came to me!'??

  12. What a fab giveaway. Count me in!

    My name for him is Hosan Glas which is Blue Sock in Welsh.

  13. There's been a link on my blog to you for AGES - so this in entry number 2 from me (I'm greedy!!)

  14. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You showed me the way to your lovely blog.

    And I got here just in time for your fab giveaway! Lucky me.

  15. Sweet monkey! Want to win him :0)
    My son has a monkey called APO so maybe this one will be named API... In norweigian monkey is called apekatt (short ape)from that came Apo. First time I visited youre blog - LIKE IT! I will come back. And I will link to this giveaway ;0)

  16. Hiya. I really want the washcloth... I think the monkey is called Arthur (gaelic for sky is athar!) :)

  17. Your Monkey is so adorable! :o) If he were mine I would call him Stripes because I am entirely un-imaginative... or Mike, as I know a Mike who is a right monkey! ;o)

    The cat bracelet is awesome too! :o)


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