Monday, 11 January 2010

Projects on a theme of ... stripes!

I seem to have made a lot of stripey things lately!Stripey sock monkeys (this is Max and Jake). I love making sock monkeys, I think I have made over fifty now! I love the way they all have different faces and looks, and I love giving them names (though I usually let my daughter Caitlin choose them!).

A foray into sock cats for a change. Not sure how successful that was. It's rather cute, but I'm too in love with my monkeys I think ;)

... and I was commissioned to knit a Dennis the Menace sweater as a Christmas present! Shame I only managed an awful blurry photo of it, taken on a rather dark afternoon. It went down extremely well with the little boy who received it, and was rather fun to knit as well!


  1. I think your pussy cat is gorgeous

  2. good to see you back in blogworld! love all those monkeys (what pattern do you use?) and that cat chair is fantastic xxx

  3. loving the stripes! great jumper :0)

  4. I love stripes, as you know! I think the monkeys are ace! xx


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