Friday, 11 March 2011

Winter again!

For the last few mornings I have woken up to this view:

Good thing I have been knitting mitts and hats!
 Calum got a new pair of mittens, knitted in pure wool. They have gone rather fluffy but he still loves them:
His favourite colour is yellow, so I knitted him a hat in the closest yarn I had to yellow!

Eilish's favourite colours are red and black (closet goth!) so I crocheted her a stylish hat in those colours:

It's not sparkly wool - she had just been out to feed the rabbits and it was snowing heavily!

In other news, the bunting has arrived across the pond, so now I will share a full picture of it:
Recipient is very happy; I am going to make more bunting in the future as it is fun to do.
No picture yet, but the first Harry Potter sock is almost finished; tonight I will be shaping the toes!


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