Sunday, 6 March 2011

A busy week

I have been trying to get on the computer for a while now but it seems to have taken forever to get near it to post this week! I've been busily working on a few projects, two of which are still under wraps, but can post up a couple of completed ones and a couple of teasers!

First up is my first attempt at an iphone case. This was a wee bit of a challenge as I don't have an iphone, so I did a lot of careful measurement-taking and calculating to make sure it was just the right size and not too big or small! Fortunately it is a perfect fit, I am told. I was asked for a pale pink ipod with "a big fat strawberry on the front":
Then I added a couple of extra surprises in the form of a strawberry button:
And lined it in strawberry fabric:
One very pleased recipient!
Another commission I have been working on this week is the bunting. I hit a major problem in the middle of the week - my usually trusty 1980s Singer sewing machine refused to sew through the bias binding and the flannel layers to create the final effect. After changing the needle, thread, bobbin, and giving it a thorough clean and oil, I finally admitted defeat and broke out the big guns - namely, my 1941 Singer machine! I haven't got a picture of it but will post one next time as it is a beautiful specimen and cost me the princely sum of £30 (baaaargain!!!). True to expectation, my vintage Singer performed the job perfectly and my bunting is now winging its way across the channel to California and its new home. Until it arrives I shan't share a picture of the final result, but here is a little teaser:
Yummy colours!!
Also in the parcel was this, a thinking lemon (I love these, they are so deliciously random!)
And finally ...


... the heel has turned!


  1. The iPhone case recipient is indeed THRILLED! (and may well be ordering more!)

    My Bunting! I am so excited! This house of Boy is about to get FRILLY!!!! :D

  3. hello, i'm french girl (20 years old) and i am learning to knit, I am looking for a pattern for harry potter socks. Your website and your creations are amazing. I found your socks so beautiful, and i wish knit the same : would you accept to tell me how you realize this ??
    I am sorry for my english, could you please answer me, even if the answer is no, thank you very much,


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