Sunday, 15 September 2013

A foray into crochet

I quite like crochet, but I like it on my terms, when I feel like doing it. I didn't particularly feel like crocheting this week, but I had to take four flights (I was away at a business conference) and of course, knitting needles are strictly forbidden. So what to do? I really didn't fancy a craft fasting exercise - it calms me down and allows me to relax and mull over the events of the day. So I had to chose a crochet project that was small enough to take on the plane and stimulating enough to keep my attention.

Quite by chance, the week before I went away, I came across this pattern from the fabulous cherry heart blog and fell in love. I answered all my needs - small amounts of yarn, quirky finished result and loads of colour - hooray! I broke out my sock leftover stash and got to work.

Once I got home from the conference, I went through my button stash and found the perfect finishing touches. The weather has turned this weekend and we are experiencing our first autumn storm, so I think they might get a fair bit of use over the next few weeks!


  1. I am dying to know how you managed to take the photo when both your hands are in the picture. The simple answer would be that someone else took it for you but in my head I am imagining some sort of contraption like one man band players use for their harmonicas strapped around your neck with some kind of sausage on a stick to push the button. I may have had too much caffeine!

  2. Haha Bron, the answer is ... you get your teenage daughter to model them for you! (then fight her for them because she doesn't want to give them back!)

  3. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your message on my blog, it was lovely to hear from you. So glad you enjoyed my pattern and you did a great job. I just hope you manage to keep hold of them for yourself! ;)

    S x

  4. Thanks Sandra, glad you like them! I took them into work yesterday and they were much admired.

  5. Those bright colors are wonderful! I love the rainbow buttons up the side as well.

  6. Oh they're so cute!! The little heart button was a nice touch too.


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