Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring has sprung ...

The grass is riz ...
I wonder where dem birdies is ...

De little birdz is on de wing ...

Ain't dat absurd!

De little wings is on de bird!!

(Poem often attributed to ee cummings but it is in fact anonymous)

Sleepy birdies now for sale! If you are local to me you will find them at Eye Candy, if you are not local and would like one then just let me know (either leave me a comment on here, or message me on Facebook and I'll get back to you straight away). The birdies on a stick are £5 each and the handbag charms are £5 also. Please note, that due to packing issues the birdies will be sent without a stick (an ordinary wooden skewer will do the trick!). They look lovely nestling amongst your plants or snuggling up in a pen pot, or even as a wee flock in a vase!

I'm thinking I might make some with wire feet that could then "roost" on a plant, or picture frame ... mmm!

More fun things tomorrow - I'm working on easter rabbits just now.


  1. I love your birds.fantastic.Just visiting your blog for the first time and scrolled down to see some super crochet.I'll be back!

  2. aww they're lovely :) putting feet on them sounds like a cute idea! xx

  3. Sooo cute, I admire your creativity. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Rabbit Breeders


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