Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tea, anyone?

I do love a nice cuppa. And of course a drink is too wet without a biscuit. However I don't think anyone will be dunking these ones in their tea!

I made each of these from fleece fabric, using wadding and backing fabric and my lovely vintage singer sewing machine to create the lettering and decorations. I love my singer - it sews through anything!

Delicious looking custard cream
Yummy jammy dodger
Chocolate digestive - the front ...
... and the back!
A squidgy bourbon
And a cuddly pink wafer!
These were such fun to make! They are now winging their way to the recipient in a Very Large Box.

Of course, if you are going to have biscuits, as I said earlier, you need to have tea. In a tea pot. So as a bit of relaxation last week I made this tea cosy, from a lovely pattern in a book called Tea Cozies 2 (it's American, hence the "z"). I think I might have to make more cosies, they knit up satisfyingly quickly!
The front, with tea towel, tshirt and knickers!
The back, with skirt, jumper and camisole
Hope you all had a lovely Easter. Enjoy the spring weather!


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