Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another past project

Here's another in the series "What I have been up to in the last year" !

This is a gift I put together for a friend who is having a tough time at the moment. Firstly, I made her a Dammit Doll to help ease the stress and emotions she may be feeling:
Dammit Doll
And just in case you are unsure of her role, here is the little card I sent with it (apologies for the poor picture, I seem to have been suffering from camera shake! NOT alcohol induced!)
Hence you can see why I gave her felt hair (which unfortunately bears more resemblance to an old-fashioned crash helmet, but we'll let that one go) as I thought wool hair may work loose over time!
Also, since she will be spending lots of time being wanged about (if she is doing her job properly), I thought I would save her modesty (if not her dignity):
I also made her a shawl in a nice bright red, to add a bit of colour to the hospital ward (they tend to be very beige, I've noticed) and to keep her shoulders warm if she got chilly:
It was a lovely quick knit, in King Cole Haze, which I was a little dubious about before I used it but I think it knits up well and is lovely and soft.

Then I made her a bag to keep all her bits and pieces in for when she goes to hospital appointments. This bag is made from curtain fabric samples, I think I used seven in all! It's double layered and has two pockets inside, for drinks and books etc. Unfortunately it came out a bit bigger than I intended, but hopefully it's still a useful size.
I added a couple of vintage buttons to each side to complete the look.
 And here's the inside:

This friend has a young daughter, so I sent her a sock monkey too so that she didn't feel left out:
They were all well received and it was nice to feel I could do a little something, even though I live far away from my friend.


  1. How lovely and I am sure your friend will be over the moon xx

  2. I just love the sock monkey, have never understood how you make them, but some day...

  3. You are such a talented lady, and speaking as someone who can barely sew on a button I am totally in awe of your talent and creativity.
    I have a good idea who this was for and it is just perfect. You are a truly special friend.
    The best of everything to you,

    Marion x x x


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