Monday, 10 August 2009

Mr Tickle in stitches

I love designing and creating intarsia but it's been a while since I did any now! However Calum had been asking for a Mr Tickle jumper for ages and I had an idea in my head, so I finally came up with this!

Getting the arms to line up was a bit of a fiddle, and as you can see by the time I had frogged and reknitted this one three times I gave up:

However this one was a little more succesful!
Calum is thrilled with it, I had to sneak it away when he was sleeping to wash it!


  1. Good luck in your new bloggy home!
    Great jumper! ;-)

  2. thank-you for the update on your old blog and the link to your new one! Great job on both the sweaters! You are one amazing knitter to even try something like trying to get the design to line up onto a sleeve. I'm amazed!

  3. Welcome to blogger! Love the Mr Tickle jumper... what fun.

  4. I love the jumper, and totally agree with Sewtakeahike's comment on the sleeves.

    Hope your new home is a very happy one for your blog!


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